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Located at 2111 Custer Drive in Fort Collins

Located at 2111 Custer Drive
in Fort Collins

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Bellinger eyewearBellinger was founded in 2003 by designers Malene and Claus Bellinger Diederichsen. The ambition was and still is to design high quality eyewear for those who like to stand out. The corporate company hosts 4 brands, Bellinger, Blac, Kamaeleon and Entourage of 7 – the newest addition to the company.

Bellinger’s aim is to create eyewear that makes a statement, leave an impression and to inspire emotions of joy, passion, coolness. They will not be invisible, grey or dull. They will always have the extra flavor that makes life interesting. It can be in the shapes, or in the details – it can be the unique color combinations or the cuttings – it can be the combinations of materials.

  • Innovation: Bellinger focuses on innovation. Whether it is the shapes, colors, material, cuttings or details, they create and design innovative eyewear that is new and unique – not the easy or simple solution.
  • Personality and Passion: Bellinger is created for men and woman of any age group, who share a common focus on a colorful and vibrant life. They want to travel and experience not to fade into the background – they want to stand out. They have a personal style – their own. Some want to be colorful and passionate others want to be cool and casual – they all have a sense of style and focus on the good and fun qualities in life. They like having their friends and family around and engage and involve themselves in others.
  • Inspiration: With a tribute for the shapes that evolve from the cat eyed 1950’ies to the round Woodstock frames to the classic JFK’s they mix the eras. The ideas for details and cuttings were developed from the funky 1970’ies airplanes & boats, using their names and design as inspiration.
  • Creation: To make the collection even more unique they have designed their very own acetates in 2 – 5 layers creating a beautiful depth and play of colors. With their very own Bellinger colors and combinations ranging from the splashy colors to the classic tortoise they can offer a complete collection for each individual.

Visit the Bellinger website.

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