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Best Pediatric optometrists in Fort Collins

Located at 2111 Custer Drive in Fort Collins

Located at 2111 Custer Drive
in Fort Collins

Vision Therapy Resources

mves vt 2Good vision is more than 20/20 eyesight. Standing in a hallway using a wooden spoon to cover one eye and reading an eye chart does not tell parents if their child has the visual skills required for learning, only how clearly they see at 20 feet. Students spend the majority of their day reading and on desk work, but visually screenings do not even check acuity at near. We specialize in treating and detecting binocular vision disorders to enhance one’s ability to learn, play sports, and work or play at a particular hobby. Binocular vision involves tracking, focusing, eye teaming, and depth perception. These skills are essential to surviving and excelling in today’s competitive and visually demanding environment. Vision therapy is a one on one doctor prescribed program to alleviate and develop optimal visual skills and a visual information processing system.

Common symptoms include:

  • Performing below potential
  • Falling asleep reading
  • Skips or omits small words or substitutions
  • Poor comprehension
  • Poor handwriting
  • Skipping and rereading lines
  • Inattentive, easily distracted
  • Whispers while reading silently
  • Left/right confusion
  • Poor eye-hand coordination and balance
  • Doesn’t recognize same word in next sentence

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